Tag: speculative poetry

  • Scifaikuest May 2022

    I have one joined scifaiku in the online issue of Scifaikuest. This is the companion poem to the joined haiku I wrote that was published in the February 2022 print issue. This means more myths, astronomy, and collective nouns for birds. A found haibun (Science Fiction Western) and comedic science fiction haibun appear in the…

  • Haiku 2022

    I have a reprinted horrorku in this year’s addition to the ‘Haiku‘ anthology series edited by Scott Metz and Lee Gurga (Modern Haiku Press). Interestingly enough–to me, at least–the selected poem was probably the first ‘pure’ horrorku I ever wrote. I had been writing scifaiku for a bit, and I set out to try horrorku…

  • Eye to the Telescope 44

    I have one fantastical meta-ku in the April 2022 issue, “Notional Ekphrasis.” The guest editor is by F. J. Bergmann.

  • Star*Line 45.2

    I have one poem in the Spring 2022 issue of Star*Line.

  • Octavos 02.21.2022

    Two short science fiction poems are now online in Octavos: Crisis Lines and [Cosmic beauty washed ashore:]. Read more short speculative poems online at microverses, edited by S. Qiouyi Lu.

  • Tales from the Moonlit Path

    Two dark speculative poems for the 2022 Bloody Valentine‘s Day issue: “Snow on Snow” (a wintry haibun) and “The Way to a Man’s Heart” (a macabre love poem). TWTAMH comes with warnings–definitely a darker poem.

  • Scifaikuest February 2022

    One silly scifaiku/senryu about travel is online. In the print edition, I have a tanka, “The Fairies”–a science fantasy haibun, and a collection of mythic, astrological, birdku: “A Lamentation for Jupiter’s Moons.”

  • Failed Haiku 74

    Guest Editor Julie Bloss Kelsey selected a fun and imaginative collection of speculative senryu. I have four science fiction senryu in this issue.

  • Otoroshi Journal 1.4

    I have two horrorku in the Winter 2021 issue of Otoroshi. This issue also includes the winning entries to the 2021 rengay contest with commentary from Editors Joshua Gage and Lori A Minor.

  • Star*Line 45.1

    I have one prose poem in the Winter 2022 issue of Star*Line. “Utopian Cadenza” is brought to you by the letter ‘Z’ and experimental jazz. You can also read it online.