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  • Haikuniverse Halloween 2021

    There’s a poem posted every hour today to celebrate Halloween and haiku. Mine is a silly one (#3 of 25), but there are some serious and spooky haiku, too.

  • Haiku Dialogue 10.27.2021

    A recent haiku of mine appears in this week’s Haiku Dialogue. The theme is “in a city.” Urban haiku (the most common term I have seen for city-based haiku) are definitely modern. Humans created cities. The cities grew into “concrete jungles.” And now they can be referenced in haiku. The selected poems truly embody city…

  • Haiku Dialogue 10.13.2021

    I have a poem included in the selections for the Haiku Dialogue series on Troutswirl – The Haiku Foundation Blog. Marietta McGregor selected this week’s “tea” set, which encompass a variety of themes, relationships, and tones. If you would like to submit haiku for the next week, you can find the prompt and submission form…

  • Star*Line 44.3

    A poem on infatuation and rejection, “Dropout,” appears in the Summer 2021 issue of Star*Line. I wrote the earliest draft over a decade ago and found it again when I was working on several space/myth/relationship poems in 2020. Two other poems in this set–“What Mad Pursuit” and “Callisto Dreaming”–were published in Star*Line 44.2.

  • Liminality 28

    Happy Summer! A short poem of mine appears in the Summer 2021 issue of Liminality: A Magazine of Speculative Poetry. “Spork” is about the paths we create for ourselves. While the details–including the title–are personal, I hope for this poem to be a relatable one. Unfortunately, #28 is the final issue of Liminality. I’ve appreciated…

  • Scifaikuest May 2021

    Four poems: In the online issue, you will see “baby planets” and a science-fantasy haibun, “the ceiling is lava.” “Baby planets” is a light SF nod to the six-word story attributed to Hemingway. In the May 2021 print issue of Scifaikuest, I wrote the more contemplative “someone to love” and “Icebox.” There are many enjoyable…

  • Frozen Wavelets 6

    Another three-line poem I wrote appears in the Winter/Spring 2021 issue of Frozen Wavelets. This one is about the choices we make in life—including those we make for others. The absent prefix/syllable at the beginning of the third line is intentional.

  • Star*Line 44.2

    I have two poems in the Spring 2021 issue of Star*Line, “What Mad Pursuit” and “Callisto Dreaming.” Both of them were written last year as I worked on themes of change and growth. Stylistically, 2020 was a time for conversational poems that did not all lead to gloomy places. It seems fitting that these two…

  • Exquisite Corpse, Space and Time 140

    I contributed a line to the February 2021 collaborative poem, “Love You to Death,” at Space and Time (.net). This “corpse” also appeared in Space and Time #140 (print).

  • Frozen Wavelets 5

    A three-line poem I wrote this year appears in the fifth issue of Frozen Wavelets, edited by Steph P. Bianchini. FW’s focus is on speculative flash fiction and poetry. You can read more about the ezine here, including previous issues. Not only can short works be emotionally affecting, but they may even surprise you with…