writes short fiction.

Daily Science Fiction

I have a short short story that was delivered to inboxes everywhere this morning through Daily Science Fiction. If you don’t subscribe to DSF–although who doesn’t want free SF every 24 hours?–the story should be online at the DSF site in a week.

The first draft of “Nesting” was written back in 2011. I was thinking about writing more of this urban fantasy involving psychopomps. But that didn’t happen. Instead, I rediscovered a 2009 side-story (secondary characters, same universe) that was a lush-in-prose, and thin-on-plot, Pygmalion retelling. From the artist/creation theme, came “Nesting,” which is, I hope, a much more practical love story.

General Note: It has been some time, maybe even quite some time, since I’ve had any publication updates. This is mainly due to working–>not writing–>not submitting–>not published. I did have an SF coming-of-age poem accepted for publication in the YA spec fic zine Scape. Unfortunately this zine is on indefinite hiatus.

Thanks for checking in.


2 responses

  1. Cool story! I like the twist on the gender of the protagonist.

    October 25, 2013 at 11:10 am

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